• All FIFA Futsal Laws of the game will be strictly enforced with the following exception:
  • EXCEPTION 1: Field players are allowed to return the ball to the goal keeper without crossing the middle of the field.
  • EXCEPTION 2: For safety reasons, slide tackling is not allowed. Any attempt at a slide tackle will be penalized and the opposing team will be awarded an indirect kick.
  • EXCEPTION 3: Any outdoor club team can share two players between two futsal teams during the regular season. These two players must be committed to one team prior to start of the playoffs.
  • EXCEPTION 4: Due to limited space outside the pitch (playing area) the kick-in rules will be loosely enforced. Only gross infringements will be penalized.


  • Team is responsible to have numbered uniforms matching in color.
  • In case of conflict in color, the home team will change (Just Futsal can provide different color pennies in case of color conflict).
  • Players are required to have proper indoor soccer shoes with non-marking soles, shin guards, and socks to adequately cover shin guards.


  • Team must have a minimum of four players to be considered eligible to play in a league game.
  • A player has to be added to the roster one hour prior to scheduled start of the game to be eligible to play.
  • Team is responsible to be on time for each game.
  • The game clock will start running 5 minutes after the scheduled time (or end time of a previous game if the league is behind schedule).
  • Once the game clock has started the opposing team, if available to play, will be awarded one goal every 3 minutes until the late team takes the field.
  • If the team is not ready 15 minutes after the scheduled time your game will be a forfeit.


  • Just LLC promotes fair play and will not tolerate any violence on and of the field.
  • If a team is caught playing with an illegible player the game will result in a forfeit. Repeat offenders will be suspended or ejected from the league while forfeiting their registration fees.
  • EXCEPTION 2: Outdoor clubs splitting their teams into two futsal teams will be allowed to designate up to 2 players to play for both futsal teams during the regular season.
  • Players receiving red card must leave premises within a reasonable time frame (approximately 3-5 minutes after being sent off). The game will not resume until the player has left premises.
  • Players who receive a red card will automatically be suspended for one week.
  • Just LLC retains the right to determine length of suspension for any player that receives a red card.


  • NO SMOKING, DRUGS, OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed on the premises.
  • Just LLC will not tolerate any ILLEGAL ACTIVITY on the premises.
  • Just LLC retains the right to change the league rules but not without prior notice to team captains/coaches.